How Can You Flourish Financially?

Lets Talk about Your Readiness for Financial Success

Is your plan for your financial future a reflection of your values as well as your aspirations? The right financial plan takes into account the life events that have shaped you and continue to shape you on your journey. Your money affects everything in your life, and how it is managed should be aligned with the things you value the most.

Finances can be an overwhelming topic for many people, so Kathy Longo founded Flourish Wealth Management to help people solve money issues that happen frequently but are not always recognized or understood. Her goal was to help clients understand their money history, gain clarity about their money values, grow confidence in having conversations about money, and create the financial freedom to live the life of their dreams.

Kathy Longo is a financial advisor with over two decades of wealth management experience. Author of Flourish Financially, Kathy specializes in helping individuals, couples, and women in transition find their path to financial freedom.

Ms. Longo has designed the following quiz to help you gain a better understanding of how important money concepts currently fit into your financial well-being. Life is a financial journey and you will benefit from receiving ideas about what your next steps might be. This quiz will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation, provide a framework for future money conversations, and guide your next steps to align your money with your values. Simply answer the following questions to receive your results.

How Can You Flourish Financially?

Let's Talk About Your Readiness for Financial Success.

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